Production Equipments

Induction Furnace
3000 kg 750 kw with 3000 kg and 2000 kg crucible
1500 kg 450 kw with 1500 kg and 1000 kg crucible
300 kg 150 kw with 300 kg and 150 kg crucible
No Bake System
Continuous Mixer 12 MT per hour 1 number
Continuous Mixer 6 MT per hour 2 numbers
Continuous Mixer 1.5 MT per hour 1 number
Batch Mixer 150 kgs 2 numbers
Sand Reclamation plant 4 MT per hour 1 number

8 Station semi automatic mould carrousel and 3 mould heating

Shot Blasting Machine 1MT hook type 1 number
Shot Blasting Machine Table type 1MT 2 numbers
Aluminum grit blasting Machine 750Kgs 2 numbers
Pedestal grinding Machine 3HP 1 number
Swing frame Grinding Hp 2 numbers
Flexible shaft with variable Speed 2.5 HP 6 numbers
Heat Treatment Furnace Batch Type
3 MT 2 numbers
2 MT 1 number
1.5 MT 1 number
0.75 MT 1 number
5 MT 1 number
Machine Shop Equipments
Vertical Machining Centre.
CNC Turning Centre.
Conventional Lathes
Radial Drilling Machine
Hydro testing equipment
Spectro Analysis with Three Base Metal - iron, nickel and cobalt with 25 elements including Nitrogen And Oxygen.
20 MT capacity universal testing machine with Brinell hardness testing attachment.
Impact testing Machine With Room Temp
Vickers Hardness Testing machine
Positive Material Identification
Die penetrate test
Ultrasonic Test
Magnetic particle inspection
Radiography Test
In House RT facility, with Radiography with iridium 192 and cobalt 60 Source (Upto200mm thickness) and 5 qualified NDT Level two personnel

The right balance of heavy machinery & precise testing

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