As we produce heavy industry products that involve certain amount of pollution, we have also implemented machineries to save the environment. They are as follows:

  • High chimneys - It helps to ensure that the harmful pollutants are dispersed at higher altitude and do not cause health issues to life.
  • Water scrubbers - It washes out various acid gas and other pollutants which are considered harmful for the atmosphere.
  • Bag filters - It enhances the quality of air that is released in the atmosphere from the various production processes.
  • Plantation of tress - It is a natural process through which pollution can be controlled as we all know. More trees means greener, and healthier environment.

Planting 50+ plants across the company compound

100KW Roof top static solar cell installed in hall number

Commmon effluent treatment plant of 25000 Lts capacity has been installed

Safety Comes First


Manikin displayed in our premises with necessary PPEs

As an employee driven company, Malnad Alloy Castings Pvt. Ltd., ensures to provide appropriate safety measures with utmost importance to the employees. It is our sincere responsibility to provide them a healthy working environment in order to receive better productivity as well as fine work relation with each other.

As a part of the company’s policy, we provide yearly health check-up for each employee. Personal protection equipments are mandatory to be used during production process. First aid training and fire fighting training are provided for their safety during emergency situations, and occupational health centre with doctor ensures to keep a check on the health condition of the employees.

Our Environment, Health, and Safety Policy

Quality Policy

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